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Culture, Community, Connection

Skill sharing and learning for the Italian diaspora

Future dates to be
added as we go!

A weekly get together


Every Wednesday at 6pm PST

It's fun!

You. Me. Us. We. Whoever shows up.

Jump in the zoom. Say hi. Mute yourself. Perhaps we'll go over a basic step to get everyone on the same page. I'll play a song, we'll all dance. The song will end, we'll say goodbye, and then we'll do it all again the following week.

Come as you are. No special outfits or equipment needed. Looks welcome, of course, but never required : )
You can have your camera on or off.
You can drum or clap along (muted) instead.
No recordings.
No pressure.
No prerequisites.

All bodies are dancing bodies.
It will be more fun if you are there.

This is not a class. There is no charge. That said, I will pick a spot for us to donate to each month. If you are able to do so, great, if not, great. Honor system. We can community source spots as we go, as well.

July/August/September donations: No Más Muertes / No More Deaths


Your Facilitator

Hi, I'm Monica. I started mezzogiorno.arts in 2019 as a skill-sharing project for folks who have Italian ancestry to learn and practice dancing and drumming together in a collective and social way. I had been frustrated by the lack of resources in my area, and the plan was for the project to be based out of my long time dance home in San Francisco, where I have access to affordable and beautiful studio space. Then a global pandemic hit, and it all fell by the wayside.

During that time, however, people managed to stay connected. My dance classes went online, and it worked. My band rehearsals went online, and it worked. Crucially for this project, I was able to take regular and one-off classes and attend events with Italian drummers and dancers who were geographically very far away, classes I would not have been able to participate in had we not all been forced to go virtual. Through various other projects, I also met lots of people who were into  and/or curious about the things I am, and who live all over the world.

While meeting and dancing together in person is still in the cards, I'm ready to get moving, literally and figuratively, and I know we can do so in an online space. Let's start with some very low key socially-oriented community dance meet ups, and see where we want to go from there.

See you Wednesdays on zoom.

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